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Emacs for Windows Modified

Emacs for Windows Modified is a ready-to-install version of GNU Emacs 25.1 (released September 17, 2016) with the following additions:

This distribution is based on the latest stable release of GNU Emacs.

Windows Compatible

System requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7


25.1-modified-2 (what's new)


Start the installation wizard and follow the instructions on screen.


The distribution is assembled from the latest binary distribution of Emacs for Windows, the source code of ESS and AUCTeX, as well as from a set of files and scripts.

Older versions

See the archives.

Images and preview-latex mode

This version of Emacs bundles the libraries needed to display images in formats XPM, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and GIF supported Windows since Emacs version 22.1. Among other things, this means that the toolbar displays in color, that the ESS toolbar displays correctly and that the preview-latex mode of AUCTeX works to its full extent. However, the latter requires to separately install Ghostscript and to make sure that the file gswin32c.exe or gswin64c.exe is in a folder along the PATH environment variable.

Emacs font

Tired of the Courier font Emacs uses by default under Windows? One nice alternative is the Consolas family of fonts introduced in Windows Vista.

  1. If the font is not available on your system, download the archive (247.2 kB) and copy the .ttf files in the Windows Fonts folder.
  2. Set the Emacs font by adding these few lines to your .emacs initialization file (replace iso8859-1 by the desired encoding if needed). Starting with Emacs 23.1, you can also use the Set Default Font... entry in the Options menu.

Unix applications

Emacs sometimes uses external applications that are standard on Unix but not available on Windows (for example: diff, gzip). When needed, install the applications from the ezwinports project. To make sure Emacs can find the applications, include the folder where they are installed to the PATH environment variable. (With thanks to Laurent Pantera for the hint.)